Life.Design.You – Your Body & The Media

Life.Design.You is an initiative that raises awareness for media accountability and ethics in the public and in the fields of education and re-education. LDY promotes a future of a visual communication that is responsible for it’s impact on viewers and the messages that are given to society.

Together with Fundación INDERA Life.Design.You offers multilingual E-learning and classroom based training courses for teachers, school staff, parents and youth workers on body images in media and their impact on society.

Your Body & The Media

Masculine and feminine identities are studied, promoted and harmfully stereotyped through the mass media, advertising and specifically the global teen-driven economy, which makes huge profits with the constant rehashing and regurgitating of female and male stereotypes as a marketing strategy.

Specifically, commercials are a powerful tool used for creating and shaping people’s perception of themselves and others. The media created a feedback loop through stereotyping women’s and men’s behaviour associating it with desirable attributes, lifestyle ideals or material goods so they work as a ‘reflection of the recipient’.

Hence, behaviours and forms of living are normalized which are far from normal or natural. We live in a normalized acceptance of role models and images and are convinced that we are making decisions about our lives, but in truth we are only choosing the colour, taste or predetermined form of already conditioned ideals.

The free choice is a fallacy, we have submitted to.

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