Stay in the Loop with Lucy – Interview with Rachel Andras

How do young people feel about life? Do we ask this question enough and by not asking it do we take away the confidence of knowing how to cope with life?

What patterns do we lay in our youth that affects our outcomes later in life? This interview with Rachel Andras gives examples and perspectives on the importance of addressing our hurts and experiences when young as they affect so much of our social and emotional outcomes.

Rachel Andras shares her experiences with the project ‘Re-conectar’ in which inspired by the work of Universal Medicine ( a complementary Health Organisation in Australia, INDERA applied a methodology that focused on body awareness and through this true health and well-being in different life settings and how our daily choices lead to inequalities, ill-health and abuse. In this they identified “self-care” and through this the building of “self-love” as an essential category of value-creation to support young men and young women to build a relationship with themselves that is not laced by gendered stereotypes and predetermined role models, but by the value of self-care based on their own level of self-worth and the building of loving relationships with themselves and others.

This was done specifically through activities that support to build body awareness as presented by Universal Medicine, such as Esoteric Yoga (;, the Gentle-Breath Meditation (; and True Movement. INDERA also offered individual healing sessions for students and staff with a modality they also learned with Universal Medicine, called Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy (


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