Re-connect – the school as a space of connection and education in values 2014 – 2015

This project forms part of INDERA’s youth program equilibrium and responded to a call for original proposals to deal with series of entrenched problems and dynamics that were a hurdle for carry out daily activities in schools in Catalonia, Spain.


Our hypothesis was actually a very straightforward one: if as a person you are connected to yourself, hence to your body, there are things that would not even cross your mind even as remote possibilities. Your body would not feed it into your mind either. In other words, you would not do a host of things that do not belong into where you are as a person. In practical terms, if you feel harmony, you will not initiate nor incite a fight. It just does not make sense. If, on the other hand, you are not connected, then everything is possible.


When someone is connected the person is centred, when someone is disconnected the person is disjointed and disperse. Someone centered, can feel the pleasure of simply being in his/her own body. Meanwhile living in dis-connection fosters to construct a body that is full of dis-ease and un-rest. This affects even the quality of thoughts that come to your mind. That is why when someone is not connected, its body is not a nice place to be in. So, the fact that you do not wish to be in your body helps to explain the fact that you are all over the place because the un-rest cannot be contained within you. Since, the package associated with disconnection is not a nice thing to feel, people tend to do whatever it needs to do in order to avoid returning to him-herself -the truth is that the more disconnected one is the more difficult is to return to oneself without help; they cannot do it on their own.


Classrooms provide the perfect setting where to share the dis-ease one feels with the others. This can be done through a rich variety of ways that do not contribute to a fluent and uneventful daily routine at school. This state of being makes very difficult the possibility of paying attention to what is said and to learn what has to be learned. So, disconnection is at the root of many troublesome phenomena that we see daily in classrooms across the globe. Following up on our hypothesis, the key was to provide support for those connected to remain connected and to support those that are dis-connected to re-connect.


Our project helped the students to re-connect through the following means:

  1. Workshops where we linked specific topics with values and values with how we feel in the body (group activity).
  2. Activities with a focus on body awareness to come back to their bodies (group activity).
  3. Workshops on cycles and responsibility to build the value of self-care and the value of caring for oneself (group activity)
  4. Learning self care tools for life (group activity)
  5. True movement classes (group activity)
  6. Individual healing sessions for students and staff (individual activity)


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Education, Wellbeing, Youth
Conciencia corporal, Cuerpo

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