Sex Education – where are we at?

Several studies show that young people are not feeling equipped to manage the issues arising when they face starting intimate relationships and sexual relations, that sex education through their parents is mainly non-existent and that schools are not going much beyond the physical functionality of the reproductive organs and the use of contraceptive methods.

In the absence of supporting and satisfactory direction the young, guided by an over-sexualized culture and the silent acceptance of pornography being the new status quo of what sexuality is, have found their own way to access information and learn about sex. International studies and statistics report that our tech savvy and well-informed young live by a sense of sexual normality that is based on abuse and violence, their perception of relationships and consent are worryingly skewed and their social interaction is characterized by bullying, cyber-bullying and sexual harassment.

A multidimensional approach to sex education within the bigger context of the education system is needed: one that has the understanding that this can only be an approach that takes into account the whole wellbeing of the young, developing body awareness through self-care. Sex education is about the whole body and how we relate to our body, building first of all a loving relationship with ourselves and from there with others.

To read the full article in English please clic this link to UnimedLiving where the original article is published.

Sex Education – Where are we at?

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