INDERA – Building true wellbeing is our Foundation

The INDERA Foundation was born in 2007 from the space of the INDERA Gender Consulting S.L., an organization specialized in pro-equity work.


Committed to women’s human rights, gender equality and social justice the INDERA Foundation developed strategies putting women’s rights at the forefront to overcome, among other factors, the on-going inequalities related to the active exercise of their reproductive and sexual rights, the persistent discrimination in the labour market, specifically in the context of migration processes and gender based violence.


During our international work with women and men of all ages and backgrounds, we experienced more and more that women and men are living in a deep disconnection to their bodies and that this is the root cause of many social and physical ills we are facing today.


Looking at international statistics on the deterioration on the state of health in general and women’s health in particular, increase in gender based violence, self-abuse, self-harm and self-objectification, to name a few, we understood that through the way women’s rights and gender equality are promoted in the world today we are not achieving equality in our true quality as women and men!


In our trajectory we observe and work on the manifestation of stereotypical perception of gender roles in the context of supposedly achieved gender equality and the feeling “of having it all sorted”, but where specifically young women and men are pigeon holed into stereotypical behaviour believing it is their free choice.


Consequently, we started to look at the bigger picture of gendered inequalities and we started to focus on body awareness and through this true health and well-being in different life settings and how our daily choices lead to inequalities, ill-health and abuse. In this we identified “self-care” – and through this the building of “self-love”, as an essential category of value-creation to support men and women to build a relationship with themselves that is not laced by gendered stereotypes and predetermined role models, but by the value of  their own level of self-worth and the building of loving relationships with themselves and from there with others.


Hence, we work with an empowerment approach that is based on the “power within”. The “power within” is developed through increased body awareness and with this the capacity to choose true well-being, because the body is our greatest marker in reflecting our truth.


We also work with a specific focus on the importance of the “care economy”. Gender inequalities remain intractable, and proposals for serious change go nowhere if we do not start to value “care” as an essential part of human life.

We build

processes towards individual, collective and institutional empowerment to live active citizenship based on gender equality and a self-caring way of life.

We promote

intergenerational and interinstitucional exchange processes between men and women from diverse socio-economic, political and cultural backgrounds.

We impulse

reflection as a core process to learn about alternative visions of masculine and feminine identities, others than the hegemonic interpretations.

We develop

resources to strengthen the capabilities of people and institutions to work with body awareness and self-caring approach.


Rachel Andras is the co-founder and general coordinator of the INDERA Foundation and heads up the INDERA – Gender Consultancy as a co-director. She is an entrepreneurial, dedicated, client-oriented Gender and Educational professional with 18 years of professional experience gained across International Cooperation, Gender Equality and Education, with diverse stakeholders across Europe, Latin, and Central America.

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She is a dedicated and passionate international presenter and facilitator of non-formal adult and youth education (e-learning and classroom-based) with a focus on empowerment strategies introducing body awareness and “self-care” as an essential category of value-creation specifically in the area of reproductive and sexual health. Working with youth she focuses on the “normalization of violence” and the impact normalized abuse has on young people and their understanding of gender equality, empowerment and well-being.

She counts on extensive expertise in providing Policy Advice from a gender perspective to local authorities focusing on the analysis of diverse policy environments, gender mainstreaming strategies and gender-sensitive technical advice on project and program identification and appraisal, planning, monitoring, and evaluation, specifically working on Women’s Economic and Political Empowerment tackling deep-rooted issues of structural inequalities across sectors.

She has also been an inclusive team leader of diverse international EU programs in Central and South America strengthening processes towards social cohesion, applying the gender perspective to regional, territorial and social inclusion processes, urban development and women’s economic empowerment through entrepreneurship.

Rachel is very experienced in leading organizational change processes in public institutions and private enterprises with a strong people-first-approach promoting gender-responsive policy making in Human Resources.

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María Montesinos Sánchez-Elvira is the Board Secretary of INDERA Foundation an its co-founder. As a professional she is the associated director of INDERA Gender Consultancy. She has a degree in History and masters in Social and Public Policy, and Gender and Development.

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She has worked with various local and international actors. She has focused on the analysis of different political environments and the design of strategies for the inclusion and evaluation of the gender perspective in public institution as well as private entities and civil society organizations. She has developed a wide experience in the field of research and teaching, both formal and non-formal, and in-person and virtual, developing a teaching-learning methodology from a gender perspective.

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Eulàlia Pedrola Vives es Graduada en Criminología y Políticas Públicas de Prevención (UPF). Trabaja en la Fundación Indera como técnica de proyectos, donde participa en los proyectos europeos “Love and Respect: Preventing Teen Dating Violence” y “Ambassadors of Love&Respect”.

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Eduardo Feldman es Licenciado en Sociología y Profesor de enseñanza secundaria, normal y especial en Sociología (Universidad de Buenos Aires) y Doctor en Ciencias Políticas (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Tiene una gran experiencia en el mundo de la enseñanza universitaria 

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a nivel licenciatura, maestría y doctorado (en España, Argentina, México y Estados Unidos).


Tiene una gran experiencia en investigación científica, sea a título individual como en equipo. Ha recibido numerosos subsidios para investigación y ha participado de numerosos proyectos de investigación colectivos. Ha realizado publicaciones en castellano e inglés. Ha ejercido como Responsable de Programa y Complementariedad en la Oficina de Coordinación y Orientación del proyecto URB-AL III de la Comisión Europea. Ha trabajado como Responsable de Proyectos de la Fundación Indera y ha formado parte del equipo de ejecución de varios de los proyectos de dicha institución.


Como parte de la agenda de trabajo que desarrolla en materia de bienestar desde hace algunos años, realiza publicaciones, imparte talleres y lleva a cabo actividades en institutos secundarios (y a nivel privado) destinados a la mejora del bienestar corporal y el desarrollo personal de las personas.

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