The sexualisation of the young – learning a Social Script through pornography and the rise of new sexual and reproductive health issues

Today, porn plays a determining role in the development of interpersonal values: for example, the sexual double standard that women engaging in sexual relationships are seen as sluts while men are rewarded. Or the deeply rooted notion that girls and young women’s bodies are somehow the property of boys and young men, playing out competition and rivalry with other boys on girls’ bodies.

Young women learn to play their role in it, consenting to highly abusive sexual practices that then are normalised, such as forced anal sex, ejaculating on the face, forced oral sex, ass-to-mouth, etc. Porn fosters an attitude that is lived in young men and young women and the normalised standard is to see the body as an instrument to be used by function and a very specifically determined form of pleasure – that is mainly abuse – and that women are assets and that when it comes to sex they are just used, as they themselves don’t hold a value on their own to know what they want.

The consumption of porn is for many teens a way to deal with emotions and the lack of connection, intimacy and the inability to express their feelings.

Similar to alcohol and other recreational drugs it is used as a ‘de-stressor’ by creating a temporary elation that numbs away painful feelings. It is a vicious cycle of a downward spiral into a tragic epidemic of porn addiction with a total loss of the ability to establish loving relationships with oneself and others – and it has already proven to cause serious health issues.

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