INDERA – Building true well-being is our Foundation

Committed to women’s human rights, gender equality and social justice the INDERA Foundation developed strategies putting women’s rights at the forefront to overcome, among other factors, the on-going inequalities related to the active exercise of their reproductive and sexual rights, the persistent discrimination in the labour market and gender based violence.

During our international work with men and women of all ages and backgrounds, we experienced more and more that women and men are living in a deep disconnection to their bodies and that this is the root cause of many social and physical ills we are facing today.

Looking at international statistics on the deterioration on the state of health in general and women’s health in particular, increase in gender based violence, self-abuse, self-harm and self-objectification, to name a few, we understood that through the way women’s rights and gender equality are promoted in the world today we are not achieving equality in our true quality as women and men!

Consequently, we started to look at the bigger picture of gendered inequalities and, inspired by the work of Universal Medicine, a complementary Health Organisation in Australia, we focused on body awareness and through this true health and well-being in different life settings and how our daily choices lead to inequalities, ill-health and abuse. In this we identified “self-care” and through this the building of “self-love” as an essential category of value-creation to support young people and adults to build a relationship with themselves that is not laced by gendered stereotypes and predetermined role models, but by the value of self-care based on their own level of self-worth and the building of loving relationships with themselves and others.

In our trajectory we observe and work on the manifestation of stereotypical perception of gender roles in the context of supposedly achieved gender equality and the feeling “of having it all sorted”, but where young women and men are pigeon holed into stereotypical behaviour believing it is their free choice.

The pressure to perform for young men is having its impact showing that depression, normalized violence, aggression and suicide is through the roof and by identifying “self-care” as an essential category of value-creation boys and young men are learning to recognize their sensitivity and the great potential that lies in a “self-loving” life.

Young women growing up under the pressure of sexualised body imagery, objectifying ways of behaving and a constant pressure to perform and please and living from a young age in abusive relationships with themselves and others are offered the possibilities to build a loving relationship with their bodies and from there to live the true women they are and building a life of their own, based on a feeling of self-worth that does not depend on outer approval and a predetermined body image.

Hence, we work with an empowerment approach that is based on the “power within”. The “power within” is developed through increased body awareness and with this the capacity to choose true well-being, living in the knowing that our body is the marker of all truth.

We also work with a specific focus on the importance of the “care economy”. Gender inequalities remain intractable, and proposals for serious change go nowhere if we do not start to value “care” as an essential part of human life.


procesos hacia el empoderamiento individual, colectivo e institucional para el ejercicio de una ciudadanía activa basada en la equidad de género.


procesos de intercambio intergeneracional e interinstitucional entre mujeres y hombres de ámbitos socio-económicos, políticos y culturales diversos.


procesos de reflexión para crear visiones alternativas a las interpretaciones hegemónicas de las identidades masculinas y femeninas.


recursos para fortalecer las capacidades de las personas y las instituciones que actúan reivindicando los derechos de las mujeres.